ARES Data Update

ARES® in Lee County Florida


We are in the process of updating your information.  All ARES members are going to be asked to complete the information on this form.  If you have already completed the paper/email form with your personal information (phone, address, and email), you may skip that section of the form if you wish.  You must, however, include your Unit Number.

Sometime before the next in-person ARES meeting, you will be sent an email reflecting the information we currently have for you.  Please then review the information that once it has been provided.  It will show your complete course work, availability, and capability, along with the equipment and specific skills you have.  If all the information is correct, simply open the form, add your unit number in the appropriate spot, and select the item that says, “The Information you have is correct; no updates required.” (Located just above the “Submit” Button).  Then please hit “SUBMIT”.

If you have updates, please complete the remainder of the form.  Once you are satisfied with the information, please hit the “SUBMIT” button at the bottom of the form.  The information you sent will be automatically sent to ARES.  The information must be submitted electronically so that it will be automatically loaded into our database.

If you have any questions, please contact Don Domina KCØDE at

Thank you.