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ARES® in Lee County Florida

Champion a whole community approach to improve resiliency through collaborative and effective emergency management.  Identify, plan for, and mitigate all threats and hazards, engage the public and coordinate response and recovery efforts.

Lee County Emergency Management

Meet The Lee County Emergency Management Team

NOTE: We will be adding biographies on the EOC Staff that we support with the ARES Team as they become available. CLICK on a photo for the biography.


Sandra Tapfumaneyi

Chief of

Emergency Management

Caitie Eck

Operations Chief

Britton Holdaway

Planning Chief

Stacy Aloisio



David Massey



Lee County Emergency Operations Center

EOC Web Site:  •  Office Phone 239-533-0622

Lee County is a wonderful place to work and play. Few places have weather as mild, sunny and ideal for outdoor recreation. However, this setting can change very quickly when natural or man-made hazards threaten our area. Hurricanes, water shortages and wildfires are threats we must deal with. The terrible events of September 11, 2001 also brought home the harsh reality of the world we now live in.

The hazards we face in Southwest Florida are as much a part of our lives as driving to work, walking on the beach or surviving another winter tourist season. Most of us realize the importance of preparing for the more significant hazards such as hurricanes. But when they occur, the consequences can still be devastating if we have not properly prepared to protect our lives and property.

Safeguarding the life and property of its people is an innate responsibility of government. In Florida Statutes, Chapter 252, each county is required to establish and maintain an emergency management agency. Lee County established an agency for this purpose in 1975.

Today we are known as Lee County Emergency Management and are managed through the County’s Division of Public Safety. The Division also includes Emergency Medical Services, Emergency Communications, Emergency Dispatch and Enhanced 9-1-1.



Plan, Prepare, Pass It On

Family Emergency

Plan Guide





The Situation Room at the EOC – Activated when coordinating a

multi-agency response to a large disaster, whether natural or man-made.


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