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ARES® in Lee County Florida

Donate to LeeARES Inc

LeeARES™ Inc. is the ARRL® recognized ARES® group in Lee County.  LeeARES Inc. provides backup communications in the event of a failure of primary communications at any of our served agencies.  Our primary served agency is Lee County Emergency Management, but we also support the various Fire Departments, Hospitals, and other entities that assist county residents.

In addition, LeeARES Inc. is an education provider to the public.  We attend various events to promote:

        • Amateur Radio
        • Hurricane/Disaster Preparedness
        • Volunteer Service to Citizens

Donations entirely fund LeeARES Inc. Members pay no dues, and we are not reimbursed for any of our activities. Those who join LeeARES Inc. give their time and provide their own equipment when serving others.

By making a recurring donation to LeeARES   Inc., You are directly contributing to the acquisition of equipment, training and support that is crucial for our operations.  Items like radios, emergency power sources, portable antennas, digital communication devices and others are all used in today’s backup communications support.  A small donation of $ 5 to $10 a month will go a long way in ensuring we can continue to supply support to our neighbors.

LeeARES Inc is a not for profit 501(c)3 organization and is registered in the state of Florida. Your donation is not only a contribution to our cause but also a potential tax benefit.  If requested, we will provide you with a donation receipt that may permit you to claim your gift on your taxes.

LeeARES Inc. thanks you and the people of Lee County thank you for your donation.


The Leadership Staff of LeeARES Inc.

Please note:

You may donate via PayPal or credit card by clicking the “DONATE via PayPal” button below.  

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You may also send a check made out to “LeeARES Inc”.  Send the check to:

LeeARES Inc.

6865 Eagle St.

Fort Myers, FL  33616-1144

Or you may give the check to any member of the ARES Leadership Team.