LeeARES Inc Foundation Documents

ARES® in Lee County Florida

Foundation Documents for LeeARES Incorporated

LeeARES Incorporated was created in 2024 for the sole purpose of providing the ARES® organization in Lee County Florida with a method soliciting funding and donations. The creation of the entity (LeeARES Inc) permits LeeARES to undertake fund raising through donations and the sale of equipment, as well as apply for and receive grants. Prior to the creation of LeeARES Inc, there was no real mechanism to formally undertake any fund raising or disbursement and there was no provision for the ARES group to own or hold any property.

LeeARES Inc is a registered Florida not for profit corporation. It also has a Federal Tax number (EIN) and has applied for recognition as a not for profit corporation under IRS provision 501c3. Once the IRS approval is obtained, LeeARES Inc will apply for Tax Exempt status for the state of Florida.

When all is completed, LeeARES will be able to solicit funding and donations, and we will be able to provide a receipt to the donor for tax purposes.

LeeARES Inc is operated by a Board of Directors. The board is made up of member of the Lee County ARES Leadership Team including the Emergency Coordinator and the Assistant Emergency Coordinators. The current Board is:

Chairman Rich Schnieders KR4PI

Vice Chairman Dave Sheppard W2PAX

Secretary Jeff Kennedy NK4AA

CFO Don Domina KCØDE

Director John Wells W4CMH

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